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"United by Expertise, Driven by Innovation. A Fusion of Tech Brilliance, Creative Minds, and Customer-Centric Passion. Together, We Transform Ideas into Reality, Powering Your Digital Success Story."


A.S. Jahangir

CEO and Co-Founder

“Visionary CEO and Co-Founder of Haas IT, driving innovation and technology solutions. Leading with passion, transforming businesses through digital excellence.”

Habib Sir2

Ali Ahsan Habib

(B.Sc in Civil)

Advisor and Co-Founder

“Strategic guide and co-founder of Haas IT, offering visionary insights. Fusing business acumen and tech expertise, driving innovation to shape industries and empower growth.”

Anika Nower


Software Engineer

“Crafting digital solutions as a Software Engineer at Haas IT. Code architect, problem solver, and tech enthusiast, dedicated to shaping the future through innovation.”


Mahfuza Aktar


”A driving force behind Haas IT’s brand growth. Creative strategist, crafting connections and catalyzing success through impactful digital campaigns.”


Afzal Hosen Rijvi

E-Commerce Expert

“Experienced e-commerce expert specializing in strategy, growth, and optimization. Adept at maximizing online sales, improving user experiences, and navigating the complexities of digital retail. Committed to driving success in the world of online business.”

About Us

We are here for Business Development, collaborate, strategize, and grow with you.


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